Ethiopian Media Authority Issues Warning to CNN, AP, BBC and Reuters

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Media Authority (EMA) on Friday issued final warning letters to four international media organisations – BBC, CNN, AP and Reuters, over misconduct and shady reporting .

The Authority said it has been monitoring the foreign media outlets and conducting trend analysis on their reporting patterns since the start of the law enforcement operation in Northern Ethiopia.

The analysis has found that the four media outlets have disseminated “news that saw seeds of animosity among people and compromised the sovereignty of the country”.

In a letter sent to their respective regional offices in Kenya, the Authority explained some of their “misconduct and shady” works that prompted its officials to issue the warnings.

These include reporting the law enforcement operation as genocide, producing reports that says that government is using famine and rape as a war weapon, and undermining government’s efforts to address the humanitarian in Tigray in their works, according to EMA’s letter.

The four media houses have consistently been advised “to rectify their journalistic misconducts” on various occasions but “no significant changes have been registered so far”, the authority said.

Therefore, EMA said, in the letter sent to the outlets, that the Authority would be compelled to revoke their licences granted to them to work in Ethiopia if they continue to operate unprofessionally.

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