Hawassa Industrial Park Generates $114mln from Mask Export

ADDIS ABABA – Hawassa Industrial Park has generated 114 million USD from the face mask export last Ethiopian budget year, its general manager said.

The year was difficult for the industrial park developed by the government specializing in textile and garment production due to Covid-19 induced challenges.

But Impressive results have been registered in the sector as the government made efforts to help manufacturing companies cope with the pressure by providing various alternatives, said Fistum Ketema, manager of the park, speaking to the state-run news agency ENA.

The park was able to change the challenge into opportunity by producing face masks and products that can be used to prevent COVID-19, he added.

The 114 million USD earned was obtained from exports to Europe and U.S. markets, according to the manager.

The Hawassa Industrial Park has created jobs for more than 35,000 people in the area.