Police Seize Nearly Half a Million dollars Hidden Inside a Truck

ADDIS ABABA – Federal Police have seized nearly half a million US dollars while being illegally transported out of Ethiopia.

In a statement, the Federal police commission said they have intercepted a total of $445, 850 dollars at the checkpoint in Addis Ababa on Tuesday during a search on a truck transporting Dashen Beer.

Police said the truck, with a license plate number 3-26981, started its journey from Debre Berhan, Amhara Region, and was on its way to Harar city.

The currency was found hidden inside one of the beer boxs loaded on the trunk, said the Police which have been following the case after receiving a tip-off from the public.

The driver of the truck is currently under police custody, said the police, adding investigation is still ongoing on the case.

Police believe the cash was destined to be smuggled out of the country.