Abiy, Sall Agree to Further Enhance Ethiopia-Senegal Ties

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahemd on Tuesday held discussion with president Marcky Sall on various bilateral and regional issues in Dakar.

Abiy said he has agreed to further strengthen his country’s reaction with the west African nation.

“The relation between our two countries is founded on the spirit of pan-Africanism which enabled the establishment of the OAU/AU (African Union),” Prime Minister Abiy after a day-long visit to Dakar.

“We have agreed to further build on this foundation and work together on African issues,” he added.

Prime Minister also noted the visible changes that Senegal has undertaken under the Presidency of Sall.

He shared the need to work together in strengthening continental integration, capitalizing on shared resources and tapping into a young human capital for continental economic prosperity.

On his part, President Sall congratulated Ethiopia for a successful conclusion to the elections and reiterated the commitment to work in close cooperation on a shared vision.

After finishing his day long visit, the Prime left Dakar to Accra for a similar working visit to Ghana.

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