Voters in Oromia Region Plant Over 83 million Tree Seedlings

ADDIS ABABA – Voters in Oromia regional states have planted over 83 million tree seedlings during the election day on Monday, Authorities in the region said.

Close to 38 million Ethiopians are expected to be involved in the election, which is being held during a tree planting Green Legacy campaign that aims to ‘adorn Ethiopia’ with trees.

In Oromia alone, over 83 million tree seedlings have been planted on the election day, reported the State-run Ethiopian news agency quoting a source in the regional administration.

The planting came a week after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed put forth a challenge to Ethiopians to cast their votes and plant trees afterwards.

“As we go to the polls to exercise democratic rights, let us use the day to exercise civic duty and leave a generational print,” he said.

The Green Legacy initiative aims to plant 6 billion tree seedlings during the current Ethiopian rainy season, which runs between June and August.

Officials in Oromia said over 800 million seedlings have so far been planted in the ongoing Green Legacy campaign.

On the same day, voters at 91 polling stations in Central Gondar Zone of Amhara region planted 71,860 tree seedlings after casting their votes on Monday, an official of the Zone said.

Close to 59,000 seedlings were planted in the rural parts of Mehal Armachiho, Takusa and East Dembia districts of Central Gondar Zone.

The remaining 12,903 seedlings were planted in urban areas of the three districts, said Muluken Tefera, leader of Natural Resources Development and Conservation Team at Central Gondar Zone Agriculture Office.

More than 41,000 male and about 3,000 female voters participated in the Green Legacy Campaign carried out on the 21 Election Day.