PM Office: 318 Trucks of Humanitarian Aid Arrived Mekelle as of Friday

ADDIS ABABA – Office of the Prime Minister disclosed on Friday that as many as 318 trucks of humanitarian assistance have arrived in Mekelle city of Tigray as of Friday, August 19, 2021.

The office said a regional emergency coordination center has been established to facilitate movement of trucks along Afar routes to Tigray.

The center will also coordinate emergency assistance to displaced people in nighbouring regions of Tirgay, Amhara and Afar regional states.

More than 300,000 displaced people in the Amhara and Afar regions due to TPLF’s aggressions.

They are also receiving humanitarian assistance through the Government of Ethiopia and WFP, the Office said.

The number of people who need support may increase in Amhara regions as, office confirmed, the aggressions by TPLF continues terrorizing civilian communities

The fighters of the TPLF, a group designated as a terrorist entity by the parliament late this year, are looting properties, destroying hospitals, health centres and other infrastructure on its destructive path, according to the PM Office.

“It is attacking farming communities, threatening them with death if they don’t indicate to them access routes; assassinating those that forcibly show them routes after they reached their destinations; abducting male and female youth,” it added.

The group has also been, after a failed attempt to enter Debre Tabor town, undertook indiscriminate shelling on hospitals and civilian homes, killing an entire family, the office said.