Trade Ministry Downplays Petroleum Shortage Fear

ADDIS ABABA – Ministry of Trade and Industry has moved to downplay concerns of petroleum shortage after Ethiopia’s capital witnessed long car lines at petrol stations over the weekend.

The latest border-related conflict between Afar and Somali regions has affected areas where the major road that links Ethiopia with Djibouti port passes through.

Authorities said the security problem has now been resolved and a large quantity of petroleum is coming into the country.

The government is now importing 3mln liters of petrol via Djibouti port daily, said Eshete Asefa, state minister of Trade and Industry, told state-affiliated Fana Broadcast on Sunday.

The amount has significantly increased from what it was before – 2.5mln liters of petroleum a day.

In addition, major depots located across the nation have enough petrol and there is no risk of problems related to supply, he added.

Officials at the ministry said they have observed the long lines in the petrol stations of Addis Ababa following the security issues Eastern part of the country.

“We are observing that some petrol stations and media outlets are engaging in activities that could create supply risks,” he said, warning them to stop their activities.

The government has not made fuel price adjustments this month. There is also enough petroleum in the national depots, said state minister Eshete, advising the public not to act frantically and pursue their regular lives.

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