AEB, EBC Channels Now Exclusively Broadcast via Ethiosat at 57 degrees East

ADDIS ABEBA – The Ethiosat platform is now broadcasting all channels of the Association of Ethiopian Broadcasters (AEB) and the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) exclusively, said SES, a global content connectivity solutions, on Wednesday.

Many of Ethiopia’s most popular channels such as EBS, ETV News and FANA TV have already migrated to the platform.

The variety of lifestyle, news, sport and educational channels – more than 90 channels, of which 21 are in high definition (HD) – from 57 degrees East, offers unmatched quality and convenience previously not experienced by Ethiopians.

In December 2020, the Ethiopian Government announced that all satellite TV channels should be moved to SES’s NSS-12 satellite so that Ethiosat can meet the local TV audiences’ desire for local and international news and entertainment channels while fueling growth in the Ethiopian media sector.

Since then, the AEB and the EBC have had their members migrate their TV channels and broadcast them from one orbital position rather than have their viewers navigate through a multitude of foreign channels.

To support this migration, SES, through its established Elevate Installer Training program, and supported by local partners EBA and Ethiopian Science and Space Institution (ESSTI), has carried out daily training sessions, said SES.

As a result, it said there are now 20,000 certified installers from all regions across Ethiopia who are equipped to help Ethiopian viewers repoint their dishes and continue to watch their favorite local channels without any disruption.

“Repointing dishes for millions of TV households across Ethiopia is not an easy feat, and it’s only possible when we have committed partners such as SES,” said Amman Fissehazion, Chairman of AEB.

“It has taken us slightly less than two months to get our members’ channels moved to Ethiosat via SES’s satellite, and we are pleased with the progress of repointing the antennas so far,” Amman added.

Dr. Getachew Dinku, Director General of EBA, also said he can now proudly say that Ethiopians now have their own dedicated TV platform hosting exclusively all Ethiopian satellite TV channels.

“In addition to the high-quality content that this platform is offering, the strategic collaboration behind it has contributed to the creation of jobs and a sense of unity among the Ethiopian population,” the director general added.

The company said, in short timeframe and together with our local partners, SES have managed to train 20,000 installers and have all AEB and EBC channels now broadcast exclusively from Ethiosat.

“However, our work doesn’t stop here. Together with our local team based in Addis Ababa, we will continue to work with our local partners to repoint dishes across the country, while making sure that Ethiosat continues to host the most attractive TV offering comprising local and international channels,” said Steve Collar, CEO at SES.