Ethio-Telecom Revises Tariff on Roaming Services

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethio-telecom, the sole provider of telecom services in Ethiopia, announced that it has reached agreements with operators in 56 countries to revise its tariff on roaming services.

The company decided to revise its tariff following the feedbacks it received from customers indicating that the tariff is expensive.

The telecom service provider has been in talks with 73 operators in 56 countries for months.

“We have been negotiating with various operators across the globe to deliver the service in a new business model and revise roaming service charges,” ethio telecom said.

The talks have finally bear fruits, leading to the revised tariff, it said on Friday. Officials claim the high cost required “to deliver roaming service in the way we used to do business were the major reasons for the expensiveness of our roaming services”.

The tariff various from countries to countries and customers are directed to the telecom’s website to know in detail about the tariff.