Govt Backs Prof Hirut for African Union Commissioner Job

ADDIS ABABA – Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen has called the government and other pertinent bodies to come out in support of Ethiopian candidate for AU Commissioner of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (ESTI).

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia on Tuesday held a promotional campaign supporting, Professor Hirut Woldemariam, who is running for the post of AU Commissioner for Education, Science, Technology and Innovation.

On the occasion, Demeke has called on the government and other pertinent bodies to support and nominate Professor Hirut venerating her professional competence best suited for the candidacy.

In recognition of Ethiopia’s responsibility and commitment to support the African agenda, the nation proud to offer Professor Hirut for the position of AU Commissioner for ESTI, he stated.

“In the spirit of serving our continent Ethiopia presented Professor Hirut whose proven leadership qualities, skills and competence make her an ideal fit to this important position,” he said.

Demeke pointed out that Professor Hirut brings extraordinary experience and distinguished service coupled with her outstanding professional caliber and ethical behavior makes her a perfect candidate to run for the post commissioner.

“She has rich experiences in the portfolio as academician, scientist, leader, reformer and as public diplomat. I believe that her qualities and experiences so far make her best fit not only to lead the commission but also use it to serve the advancement of our continent,” Demeke said.

State Ministers foreign affairs Ambassador Birtukan Ayano and Tsion Teklu, African Ambassadors and heads of international organizations based in Addis Ababa and other invited guests were also in attendance.

On the occasion, Professor Hirut expounded on her plans to carry out if elected.

She also shared a wide range of her vision with the audience if her bid to the position in the AU would turn out to be successful.