560 More Buses Start Giving Services in Addis Ababa

ADDIS ABABA – Additional 560 public buses have started to give transport services in Addis Ababa today as the administration of Ethiopia’s capital moves to ease the transportation challenge in the city.

The administration  has deployed the buses rented from private transport service associations as its officials move to implement a decision – passed by the city council – to work with the private sector.

“The buses will give service to commuters free of charge in the first week of their deployment,” it said in a statement.

There are 630,440 vehicles registered in Addis Ababa – more than half of 1,200,110 vehicles registered nationwide.

But access to transportation remains one of the top challenges that the city dwellers face on a daily basis.

Deputy Mayor of the City, Adanech Abiebie said the buses that are joining the sector would ease the challenges currently being observed in the capital.

The buses officially join in other vehicles to provide transport services after their dispatch schedules were announced in the presence of city officials including the deputy mayor in an event held at Meskel Square on Sunday.

The city admiration has paid 64 million birr to rent the buses. The fund is part of a 121 million subsidy it has approved to improve the transport service associations in the city.

In the long run, the city mayor said the administration is in process of purchasing 3,000 buses at a cost of 12 billion birr.

“We will continue to hear the residents’ concern in the area and resolve them with substantial measures,” she said.

In addition to Adanech,  Jantirar Abay, coordinator of public service delivery institutions with the rank of deputy mayor, attended Sunday’s launching event.

Featured Image: AA City Press Secretary