Ethiopian MP Lands Japan’s Order of the Rising Sun

ADDIS ABEBA – Hordora Bekele, a member of Ethiopian parliament, has received Japan’s Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star on Thursday.

The MP, who previously served as vice Chairperson of the Ethio-Japan Friendship Group, received the medal in an event Japanese embassy held at the Residence of the Ambassador.

The Order was awarded to Hordofa for his contribution to further strengthening economic relations between Japan and Ethiopia.

“Honorable Hordofa has a deep knowledge and understanding of Japan, obtained through his vice chairmanship of the Ethio-Japan Friendship Group,” the embassy said.

Through his engagement in parliamentary diplomacy, it said he has been instrumental in assisting “for the successful introduction of the Kaizen Philosophy into Ethiopia”.

The philosophy has already been expanding into different sectors and significantly improving the management of many firms.

In 2019, the Honorable Hordofa also received Japan’s Foreign Minister Commendation award in recognition of “his outstanding contribution to the promotion of the mutual friendship between Japan and Ethiopia”, according to the embassy.

The Order of the Rising Sun, established in 1875, is the Japanese Government’s oldest honour. The award features gold and silver rays of sunlight radiating from the Rising Sun, held in place by a chrysanthemum, the Royal Flower of Japan.

It is awarded to foreigners who have made notable contributions to the enhancement of bilateral relations.


Featured Image: MP Hordofa has received the honor from Japanese ambassador to Ethiopia Takako ITO on Thursday.