Two Dead after Head-on Crash in Debre Birhan

ADDIS ABABA – Two people were killed after two cars crashed head-head on in Debre Birhan city of Amhara regional state on Saturday, officials say.

The deadly traffic accident occurred in the Tayitu sub-city of Debre Birhan in the early hours of Saturday morning, says the communication office of the city, located 120km northeast of Addis Ababa.

Tayitu sub-city Police Office chief Inspector Dereje Nega said a ‘High-Roof’ minibus heading to Dessie collided head-on with a truck on the way to Addis Ababa.

The driver of the minibus was pronounced dead at the scene while his assistant sustained a minor injury.

The driver of the truck who tried to evade the accident also lost his life after his car veered off the main road and overturned.

Chief Inspector Dereje said the accident did not cause further damage as there were no passengers in the bus and the truck.

An investigation is ongoing to determine the cause of the accident together with Debre Birhan Zone police, he added.

Deadly traffic accidents are fairly common in Ethiopia despite having one of the lowest per capita car ownership in the world. A recent report says as many as 13 people die each day due to car accidents.

Drivers’ and pedestrians’ lack of awareness, poor technical inspections of vehicles, older vehicles, problems related to driving licenses,s and poor road quality are often blamed for traffic accidents.