Federal Troops Arrest TPLF’s Senior Official Sibhat Nega

ADDIS ABEBA – Sibhat Nega, one of the senior leaders of the former governing party of Tigray region TPLF, has been arrested on Friday, a top federal army official said.

Sibhat was arrested along with five other military officers, including two former members of the national defense force who betrayed the army, in a hideout situated in a hostile strip difficult to trace, said Brigadier General Tesfaye Ayalew of the national defense force.

“The treacherous former army officers had been training the clique’s militia” and also took part in the fighting along with them, Brigadier General Tesfaye said.

The military officers arrested today include Lieutenant colonel Tseadu Rich, the spouse of Sebhat Nega and a retired health worker of the Armed Forces Hospital; Colonel Kinfe  Tadese, a defector from the National Defense Force; and Colonel Yemane Kahsay, a defector from the National Defense Force.

The list of arrested officials also includes Asgede G/ Christos, whose capacity is yet to be known but traveled all the way from the capital to join the group; Amdemariam Tessema Tewolde, former regional ombudsman; and Commander Berhe Girma, logistics head of the regional special force.

Officials also announced Alganesh Meles, the spouse of the late Major General Hayelom Araya and who used to live in the United States but came to the country to join the junta, also died today.

She fell down a cliff and passed away while fleeing from the national defense force, the head disclosed.

“Security measures were taken against those who refused to surrender,” Brigadier General Tesfaye said.