Federal Army Takes Measures on 4 Senior TPLF Officials, Arrest 9 Others

ADDIS ABEBA – At least four top officials of the former ruling party of Tigray regional State, TPLF, have been killed in a military operation conducted earlier today, a federal army official said.

Brigadier General Tesfaye Ayalew, official of the National Defense Forces’ Operation Main Department, said security measures “have been taken on four senior leaders of the criminal clique including Sekoture Getachew,” who admitted forces of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to carrying out the deadly attack on the Northern Command post of the federal army.

Former director of Ethiopian Television and Broadcast Authority, Zeray Asgedom; head of the party’s mouthpiece Dimitse Woyane (DW) TV , Abebe Asgedom; former head of the region’s finance bureau, Daniel Assefa have been killed in today’s operation.

The federal government launched what it described as a law enforcement operation against the TPLF, whose forces stormed the Northern Command, looted military hardware and killed soldiers in the early hours of Nov. 4.

PRime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared the end of the operation on Nov. 28 after the fall of the regional capital, Mekelle city, to the federal army. The army is now engaged in a manhunt for the members of the TPLF leadership.

The officials of the TPLF are said to have been hiding in mountainous parts of the region where, they said, would launch trench warfare like resistance. Their plan appears to become a farfetched one with their officials continuing to fall in the hands of the federal army.

Nine arrested

Apart from those who lost their lives during Today’s operation, the federal army confirmed the arrest of senior officials of the TPLF.

“Nine senior leaders of the criminal clique have also been arrested” during the 45-minute long operation, Brigadier General Tesfaye said.

These include Kidusan Nega, former speaker of the state council; Solomon Kidane, former head of urban development bureau and former head of Addis Ababa city transport Bureau; Tekleweyni Assefa; and Gebremedhin Tewolde, former head of Trade Bureau.

The others are Woldegiorgis Desta, former head of road and transport bureau; Abadi Zemu, former Ethiopian Ambassador to Sudan; Tewodros Hagos, former head of EFFORT and Meles Academy boards; Mihret Teklay, Counselor to the state council; and Birhane Adem Mohammed, former head of the region’s procurement office.

Brigadier General Tesfaye said Thursday’s operation was conducted in collaboration with the public and the interim administration of the region. He, particularly, praised the public’s role in the operation and urged them to continue their participation in future efforts to hold the remaining criminals currently hiding accountable for their crimes.

Army officials said the search “for the criminal clique’s leaders who are constantly changing their identities and are moving from place to place” will continue.

The latest announcement puts the total number of senior leaders TPLF and its military officers currently under Federal police custody to 24.

Last week, the Federal Police Commission said they are investigating 15 members of the leadership TPLF and its military officers who are currently under custody. These include Major General Geberemedhin Fikadu Hailu, Major General Yidaw G/medhin, Brigadier General Geberehiwot Susenyos Gebru and Brigadier General Insu Ajajo Arasho.

Featured Image: Brigadier General Tesfaye, official of the National Defense Forces’ Operation Main Department, speaking to the press on Thursday. [Photo ENA]