Commission says Sudan Breached Border Deal with Ethiopia

ADDIS ABEBA – Members of the Ethio-Sudan border commission have accused Sudan of breaching the agreement signed between the two countries regarding border issues.

Sudan had violated the agreement that was signed in 1972 to find amicable solution for border issues, Ambassador Ibrahim Endris, member of the Commission from the Ethiopian side, told reporters on Wednesday.

The agreement stipulates for the situation on the ground to carry on until the two countries reach an amicable solution to the border issue.

However, Sudan breached the agreement by invading Ethiopian land, which resulted in displacement of citizens and damages to agricultural products of Ethiopian farmers, he added.

This came a week after the government of Ethiopia accused Sudanese troops of killing “many civilians” in recent fighting over contested land at the nations’ border.

Sudanese troops begin organized attacks using heavy machine guns and armored convoy on farm land in the border areas starting from Nov. 9, 2020 – increasing tensions between the two nations.

Ethiopian farmers in the region have had their properties looted, while “many civilians have been murdered and wounded,” according to the ministry of foreign affairs.

Unless the situation went back to what it was before November 9, negotiation with the Sudan would be impossible, Ambassador Dina Mufti, spokesperson of the Ministry told reporters on Tuesday.

Last week, Ambassador Dina said Ethiopia believes “that securitization and unnecessary escalation will only worsen the situation and create pointless tension in the border area and disrupt daily activities of our peoples living in the border area”.