Explosive Device injures one in Addis Abeba, City Police Say

  • Police defused Another explosive Device

ADDIS ABEBA – A devise exploded in the Bole district of Addis Abeba on Tuesday morning injuring a man nearby the scene, city’s police said.

Addis Abeba police said the explosion happened around 7:30am near Gorgorios square after people tipped the police that a metal scrap collector found an explosive device in a pair of shoes.

Reports say the police have carried out a controlled detonation of the device.

Police, however, said “a bomb disposal squad was on their way to the scene to defuse the bomb, and suddenly the bomb has exploded for unknown reasons”.

Police said one individual suffers a minor injury and “he has gone back to his home after getting medical attention”.

On the same day, Police also said they have managed to defuse an explosive devise found in area called Gurd Sholla St Yared Hospital.

These two incidents have made the number of similar incidents to happen in Addis Abeba over the past thirty days to four. Previously two devices exploded in the city injuring few including children.

Police have called on the public to work with them in order to avert such incidents which officials see as desperate attempt by the TPLF forces to destabilize the city.