‘Human Rights Should Guide’ Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Tigray, says Rights Agency

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has urged the federal government to be guided by its duty to respect and protect human rights throughout the subsequent steps of rehabilitation and redress.

The statement came days after the Prime Minister announced the completion of the final phase and cessation of the military operation in Tigray Region.

In a statement issued late Monday, the rights agency has called on the government to urgently address at least four areas in the next reconstruction process.

The areas include restoring of telecommunications and provision of basic services including water and electricity; setting up logistical and humanitarian infrastructure to help return displaced persons and refugees; and allowing access to independent and transparent investigation into conducts of grave human rights violations and resulting humanitarian crisis to ensure accountability.

EHRC also said it has been monitoring complaints of ethnic profiling of Tigrayan origin most notably manifested in forced leave from work and in stopping people from traveling overseas including on work mission, for medical treatment or studies.

“EHRC is gravely concerned that while there is no government policy nor legal framework condoning ethnic profiling, security measures designed to apprehend certain suspected individuals overstepped their remit of application, thereby affecting a wider community,” it said.

“EHRC is further assured by relevant authorities of immediate measures to address this problem,” it said urging, therefore, authorities, particularly airport security authorities, to immediately cease preventing any passenger from traveling without appropriate legal justification”.

Featured Image: Dr. Daniel Bekele, commissioner of EHRC [Photo File]