Govt Freezes Bank Account of 34 TPLF-Affiliated Enterprises

ADDIS ABEBA – The Federal Attorney General Office has decided to freeze the bank accounts of 34 Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) affiliated enterprises over their alleged involvement in various conflicts in Ethiopia.

Sur Construction, Almeda Textile, Trans Ethiopia Plc., Guna trading House Plc., Mega Printing Plc., Mesfin industrial engineering, EFFORT Plc., and Effort Electrical Business are among the companies whose bank accounts freezed by the government.

The list also includes Izana Mining Development Plc., Mesobe Construction Works, Catharina Sheba Tannery, Meganet Corp., and Saba Stone Plc.

Attorney General Office alleged that these companies have been financing various ethnic-based conflicts and terrorist activities that occurred in the country in recent times.

Among these companies, Timet and Mesobe Cement are shareholders in Dimts Woryane Television, which disseminates information that incites violence in Ethiopia, according to the AG office.

Timet and Mesobe have 8mln Birr and 61mln Birr worth share in Mekelle-based DW TV. These companies are still financing the TV station, according to the AG office.

The office also said that the companies were trying to transfer and hide the assets.

The Attorney General will appoint asset manager to ensure that the frozen assets are not damaged or wasted until the Director-General of the Criminal Assets Recovery Directorate completes its inspection and restitution, according to AG’s statement.

Last week, the Federal Police have banned at least 14 private security companies which, they said, were working plotting to create chaos in various parts of the country collaboration with Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF).

Below are the full list of the companies whose assets have been frozen.

1. Sur Construction PLC

2. Guna Trading House PLC

3. Trans Ethiopia PLC

4. Mesfin Industrial Engineering PLC

5. Selam Public Transport Share Company

6. Mega Printing PLC


8. EFFORT Electrical Business PLC

9. EFFORT Design and Construction PLC

10. Ezana Mining Development PLC

11. Velocity Apparel Companies PLC

12. Messebo Building Material Production PLC

13. Saba Dimensional Stones PLC

14. Mesfin Industrial Engineering

15. Sheba Tannery PLC

16. A.P.F

17. Meganet Corporation

18. Express Transit Service

19. Desalegn Catenary

20. Sheba Tannery Factory Share

21. Hiwot Agriculture Mechanization

22. Hiwot Agricultural Mechanization PLC

23. Almeda Garment Factory

24. Mesobo Sement Factory

25 Dedebit Savings and Credit Association

26. Addis Pharmaceutical Production

27. Tigray Development Private Limited Association

28. Star Pharmaceuticals Imports

29 Saba Marble Share Company

30. Adwa Flour Factory

31 . Tikal Egri Mitkal Tigray

32. Biruh Tesfa Plastic Private Limited Company

33. Dessalegn Veterinary Medicine Import and Supply Private Limited Company

34. Maichew Particle Board Factory


Featured Image: Mesfin Industrial Engineering manufacturing Plant

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