Five killed in Shashemene City Car Crash

ADDIS ABABA – Five people were killed when two trucks collided head-on in Shashemene City on Saturday, according to city’s police.

An Isuzu and Sinotruk, both loaded with timber logs, collided head-on around 11p.m. last night at the center of Shashemene, the city’s police bureau told fana broadcasting.

Head of the bureau’s top traffic control office, Umer Keramo, said the driver of the Isuzu truck refused to heed security police’s request to stop moments before the accident.

He said the truck was going outside it’s lane when it collided head on with the Sinotruk, making the accident horrific.

“All five people inside the two vehicles died immediately,” said the police, while the vehicles involved in the accident sustained heavy damage.

There is a high rate of illegal timber trafficking in the West Arsi Zone. At least 132 people were convicted and fined in the 2013 fiscal year alone.