Federal Police Bans 14 Private Security Firms, says WHO

ADDIS ABEBA – The Federal Police announced on Thursday that it has banned 14 private security companies from working, following their alleged involvement in various illegal activities.

In addition to their implication in crimes involving 35mln birr, Police alleged that the security companies have been misusing the weapons they were given for illegal activities.

They are now plotting to create chaos in collaboration with Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) by recruiting individuals and give them weapon, said the federal police, adding that those who were found guilty would face justice.

Police list Nisir Human Resource & Security Service Plc.; Agar Security Service Plc.; Sebatu and his Sons Property Management & Security Plc.; Selam Security Solutions Plc.; Haile Teklay & their Friends Security Services S.C.; and Kifle Gossaye Hagos and Woldegebreal S.C. among the companies banned from operating.

The list also includes Hayelom and Birhane Security services S.C.; Demelash Haftu & their friends Security Service S.C.; Hiluf & Halefom Security Service S.C.; Walta Security & Human Resources Commission Plc.; Safe Security Service Plc.; Atlas General Service Plc.; and Goh Security Service Plc.

Apart from ordering the security firms to stop working and report to the federal police, officials told hiring companies to stop working with these security firms.

Featured Image: Federal Police headquarters

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