Federal Troops Capture Wokro Town as they Push TPLF Forces on Two fronts

ADDIS ABEBA – Government said the federal army has recorded the first “key victories” over TPLF forces in Tigray region since the three-day ultimatum given to fighters to surrender expired earlier today.  

In a statement issued today, the task force for the state of emergency in Tigray Region said the victories recorded on two fronts.

It said the federal army moving from the eastern direction is heading to the capital of the region, Mekelle City, after liberating several areas including the entire Raya, Churcher, Guggato, and Mehoni.

The federal troops from the western front, on the other hand, have captured Wukro town today and are currently heading to  Aksum City, the statement said.

The statement alleges many troops loyal to the TPLF are running away leaving their strongholds and weapons behind.