KOICA Donates $50,000 worth Medical Equipment to Ras Damtew Hospital

ADDIS ABABA – Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has donated equipment worth 50,000 USD for Ras Desta Damtew Memorial Hospital to equip the institution’s eye department with modern technology.

In a statement today, the South Korean cooperation agency said the donation extended to the Hospital located in Addis Ababa is expected to help enhance the eye care medical services being provided in the hospital.

Currently, a Korean medical doctor, Ophthalmologist Yoon Changkyoon, is implementing a project entitled Electricity stability of Eye Department at the Hospital, strengthening cataract operation effort in the medical facility.

The project aims to reduce blindness and train local ophthalmologists on cataract surgery in order to increase cataract surgery performance, the agency said.

To equip the hospital with modern technology and standardize the services in the hospital, the agency donated a 30 KVH generator, three 3,000 Walt UPS, three 3,000 Walt AVR, 153 pieces of IOL, 100 Ringject and 20 Disposable Vitrectomy Cutter, the statement pointed out.

Equipping the eye department of the hospital is one of the targets of the Project in order to standardize, modernize, and advance the service technologically besides providing capacity building and technical assistance.

The capacity building component of the Project, which will run until 2022, focuses on giving training on the latest cataract surgical techniques for eight Ophthalmologist Doctors, according to KOICA.