Ethiopian Wins ‘Best Cargo Airline – Africa’ Award

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services has been crowned with the ‘Best Cargo Airline – Africa’ Award at the Air Cargo News Awards 2020.

Ethiopian received the accolade for its leading role in air cargo service in Africa.

“We are pleased to win the ‘Best Cargo Airline – Africa ’ award at the Air Cargo News Awards 2020,” said Fitsum Abady, MD Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services.

“While the aviation industry is in its toughest time of fighting for survival, winning this award at this difficult time will mark our big achievement as a major player in the air cargo industry,” Fitsum added.

The official has attributed the award to “our hard-working employees”, together with the airlines modern fleet and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The impact of coronavirus upended the global airline industry but Ethiopian Airlines managed to rides out the pandemic on strength of the cargo boom.

He particularly mentioned “the very agile and flexible leadership” that helped the airlines to “successfully navigate during the COVID 19 pandemic” for the latest recognition.

Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services played a leading role in transporting much-needed medical supplies across Africa and the rest of the globe thereby since COVID-19 broke out.