Dubai-based Firm Wins Tender to Supply 80, 000mt Wheat to Ethiopia

ADDIS ABEBA – A Dubai-based firm has won an international tender to supply 80, 000 metric tons of wheat to Ethiopia’s Ministry of Agriculture, according to the government public procurement agency.  

It is part of the three separate tenders Ethiopia’s procurement agency floated over the past few months to buy a total of 680,000mt wheat for various government offices.

The Dubai-based Promising International Trading Co DMCC has won the tender at a price of 27.8 million US dollars, said Worku Gezahegn, acting Procurement Directorate director of Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service (PPPDS).

“We have already sent them an award notification letter,” Worku told The Monitor.

The tender was established by PPPDS which has procured the wheat on behalf of the Food Security Coordination Directorate of the Ministry.

The procurement agency approved the winner on October 28 in the competitive tender that involved bids from three other international firms. These companies are Nuhizy Alrfay Mohamed, Ameropa AG and Falconbridge.

The wheat will be used in the Safety Net Program that is supported by the World Bank.
The Dubai-based company has agreed to deliver the bulk shipment to warehouses located in Adama, Kombolcha and Dire Dawa cities.

The company will deliver 30, 000 metric tons of wheat to Komblolcha, 26,000mt to Adama and 24,000mt Dire Dawa, said Worku.


By Mhret G.kristos

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