Canadian Firm Delivers two Dash 8-400 aircraft to Ethiopian

ADDIS ABEBA – De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited has announced the delivery of another two Dash 8-400 aircraft to Ethiopian Airlines, including the airline’s milestone30th Dash 8-400 aircraft.

The 30th aircraft– MSN 4617 – is preparing to depart for Ethiopian’s hub in Addis Abeba, along with aircraft MSN 4615.

“This milestone 30th delivery highlights our confidence in the Dash 8-400 aircraft and is a testament to the joint success in supporting our network and strategic partnerships with several carriers across Africa,” said TewoldeGebreMariam, Group CEOC of Ethiopian Airlines.

“The Dash 8-400 aircraft continues to provide the operational flexibility, exceptional performance capability, capacity and passenger comfort we need”.

“Most importantly, the Dash 8-400 aircraft supports the cost leadership strategy we rely on in our market – particularly in these unprecedented times during the COVID-19pandemic,” the CEO of Ethiopian airlines group added.

Ethiopian first welcomed the Dash 8-400 aircraft into its fleet in March 2010.The fleet of over 155 Dash 8 Series aircraft in Africa includes more than 90 Dash 8-400 aircraft. Worldwide, more than 155 airlines, leasing companies and other organizations have ordered almost 1,300 Dash 8 aircraft.