Ethiopia, Sudan Agree to Settle Any Issues via Dialogue

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his Sudanese counterpart, Abdalla Hamdok, have held talks on various regional and bilateral issues, said the PM office on Tuesday.

Abiy and his delegation left Addis Ababa for a day-long official working visit to Khartoum where he and his delegation were received by Hamdok.

The Ethiopian delegation’s visit to Sudan on Tuesday comes at the heels of the first anniversary of the signing of the Constitutional Declaration facilitated by Prime Minister Abiy.

The declaration enabled the formation of Sudan’s transitional government.

Prime Minister Abiy has congratulated the Sudanese government for the milestones achieved since then and for the current ongoing political discussions.

During his meeting with Hamdok earlier today, Abiy also highlighted that the fate of both countries is intertwined and rooted in longstanding historic and strategic relations.

He reiterated, “we are one people, one family,” highlighting that any issues, including about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and borders, can be addressed amicably through continued and sustained good faith discussions.

Prime Minister Hamdok, on his part, emphasized the complementary nature of both countries which compels them to work together for mutual benefits.

With strengthened collaborations on the economic front, Ethiopia and Sudan’s economies can be a catalyst for progress in the Horn Region and Africa, he shared.

Both parties affirmed solidarity for each other’s endeavors and agreed to settle any issues through continued dialogue and negotiations.