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INSA Thwarts 787 Cyber-Attacks on Ethiopia in 2019/20 FY

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s Security Agency said the country has been a subject of 1078 cyber-attack attempts during the 2019/20 Ethiopian fiscal year, which ended on July 7.

In a statement issued on Monday, Ethiopian Information Network and Security Agency (INSA) said it has successfully thwarted 787 of the total cyber-attack attempts – putting its success rate at 73 percent.

The agency is currently working to resolve the remaining 124 attempts, according to the statement. Over 164 attempts of cyber-attack are yet to be resolved due to various reasons, INSA’s Deputy Director Kefyalew Tefera, said in the statement.

The attempts of attacks were carried out via malware software, cyber-attacks, infrastructure scams, cyber-infrastructure disruption, and hacking and cyber fraud, Kefyalew mentioned.

Key infrastructure facilities were targets to some of the cyber-attacks, said agency’s deputy director, claiming trends of cyber-attacks is increasing every year.

The complexity of cyber-attacks systems from time to time, negligence of some institutions to reveal attempts in tandem with low awareness on the issue have been mentioned among the reasons hampering the agency’s effort to tackle the problem.

Over 90 percent of cyber-attack occurred due to the lack of proper tech knowledge, he added.

The Agency says a large portion of malware attacks during the period was through malicious softwares named Ransomeware and Cryptocurrency miner.

By Sisay Sahlu