Abiy to Host More Fundraising Dinner to Finance 3 Green Projects

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will host a fundraising dinner to help secure 3bln birr for infrastructure projects in three regions.

The latest fundraising effort followed the successful realization of similar projects in Addis Ababa which was made possible through the ‘Dine for Sheger’ event in May 2019.

The newly launched initiative, named ‘Dine for the Nation’, aims to raise 3 billion birr in the next two months, the Premier said on Sunday.

He said the fundraising will enable Ethiopians and its friends to leave their fingerprints in the legacy of Ethiopia’s prosperity.

“Today we officially launch the ‘Dine for the Nation’ program to mobilize funds for three projects,” he said on Sunday, announcing “Our prosperity initiatives go regional”.

The projects will help repeat the feat in Addis Ababa’s Entoto and Sheger park, both nearly are complete, in three regions – Amhara’s Gorgora, Oromia’s Wonchi, and SNNP’s Koysha areas.

Abiy has already set up a committee that spearheads the resource mobilization starting from Sunday.

“Dine for Nation” arranges dinner program booked by VVIP and VIP guests in the first weeks of October 2020.

VVIP will pay 10mln Birr while VIP will value 5mln Birr per dish, according to the fundraising program.

Furthermore, crowdfunding will be arranged through Ethio telecom via short message service (SMS) to raise finance for the three projects, which the government hopes will unpack Ethiopia’s tourism assets to the world.

The Prime Minister hosted the ‘Dine for Sheger’ initiative in July, last year, and mobilized funds that covered the cost of Sheger and Entoto Parks Addis Ababa and help strengthen the capital city’s position as urban tourism sites.

Featured Image: Officials attend the launching event of the fund raising program on Sunday, August 16, 2020