Indians in Ethiopia Mark Independence Day

ADDIS ABEBA – Indians in Ethiopia have celebrated the 74th Independence Day anniversary on Saturday with a flag hoisting ceremony in their embassy.

Charge d’ Affaires Mohan Lal unfurled the flag during a program with limited physical participation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the event was live cast on Facebook and Twitter of the Embassy.

Charge d’ Affaires highlighted the measures undertaken by the Government of India to fight COVID-19 and mentioned the welfare schemes launched by the Government for the poor and migrant workers.

The Embassy organized the Flag hoisting ceremony on Saturday

He outlined that the Government of India also started Vande Bharat Mission to return stranded Indians abroad – which is one of the largest initiatives to repatriate nationals back to India.

Charge d’ Affaires also apprised that so far, the Embassy has arranged four special flights for repatriation of Indians stranded in Ethiopia. A total of 472 Indians have returned home without including a similar flight carried out on Sunday.

India is also supporting other countries to fight COVID-19 including testing kits, protective gear, and Hydorxychloroquine and other medicines to around 90 plus countries, according to the Charge d’ Affaires.

He said Ethiopia is one of the countries that benefited from it.

Four Ethiopians from the Ministry of Health were benefited under e-ITEC program on  “Managing Covid-19 pandemic” through a webinar on 18th May 2020, according to Indian Embassy here.

Recently, India has also donated 100,000 NCERT books in Math and Science to the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia.

The flag hosting event ended with a brief cultural program followed by tree plantation in the premises of the Chancery.