Denmark Makes $18mn Donation to Ethiopia’s COVID-19 Response

ADDIS ABABA – Denmark announced on Thursday a new aid package worth 18 million U.S. dollars to support Ethiopia’s effort to contain the deadly COVID-19.

The finance will boost Ethiopia’s National COVID-19 Response Plan with a focus on improving food security, enhancing social protection networks, and more, its embassy in Addis Ababa said.

The latest support to the East African Nation would make Denmark’s contribution to the global COVID-19 response USD 146 million.

Karin Poulsen, Ambassador of Denmark to Ethiopia, said her country’s overall commitment has given a priority to vulnerable populations.

“Now is the time to show international solidarity and mitigate the risks and negative impacts of the COVID-19 health crisis,” said ambassador Poulsen.

She said the vulnerable health sector in Africa could further be affected by lock-downs and other measures put in place to control the disease.

“We are already seeing the impacts on the African economies,” the ambassador said.

With the latest support to Ethiopia, she said her country targets to reach out to the “most vulnerable and poorest as they are expected to experience the greatest shocks and risks”.

“The prevention of violence against women and girls as well as access to maternal health services has been a particular priority,” the ambassador said.

To date, Ethiopia has reported 130 COVID-19 cases including three deaths.

The Danish support package of USD 18 million to the COVID-19 response consists of contributions to the social protection networks, food security, resilience building, and protection of women and girls.

Denmark has already committed USD 150 million for various development endeavors here through its five-year Country Program with Ethiopia which started in 2018.

Image: The two nations already have a close partnership in developing the renewable energy sector. Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, Rasmus Prehn, (Left) and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed planting trees in Addis Ababa in August 2019.