Ethiopian Distributes Jack Ma’s 2nd Batch Medical Supplies to African Nations

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopian Airlines said on Wednesday it has completed the flight and delivery of the second round shipments of life-saving medical supplies to fight COVID-19 donated by Jack Ma to all African countries.

The announcement came two days after Jack Ma announced a third round donation of medical supplies in support of Africa’s response to the virus.

Ethiopian Airlines expresses its complements and the highest appreciation to the Jack Ma Foundation, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, WFP and the African CDC for the opportunity to serve Africa during this unprecedented global health and economic crisis.

The Pan African airline has employed 17,000 workers in delivering lifesaving COVID-19 medical supplies.

“It is a special honor for the entire Ethiopian Airlines family to be selected as logistics partner and distribution hub for Africa,” said Tewolde GebreMariam, CEO of Ethiopian Airlines Group.

The CEO said the project showed the true African integration in line with the AU Vision 2063.

“It is a role model for what Africa can achieve in its quest for continental integration,” Tewolde said. We are also happy to see the fruits of our multi-hundred Million Dollars investment in Cargo infrastructure now coming to save Africa from the COVID-19.”

It is to be recalled that Ethiopian successfully delivered the first round of donation of Jack Ma and Alibaba Foundation to African countries, which was initiated by Prime Minister Abiy.

Its airport in Addis Ababa has recently been designated as Humanitarian Air Hub by WFP and WHO to dispatch critical supplies across Africa.

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