Sixteen People Killed in Car Accident in Eastern Ethiopia

ADDIS ABEBA – A fatal car accident that occurred in eastern Ethiopia killed at least 16 people, police said. 

The accident happened at 11 am on Saturday inside Dire Dawa-Dewele toll road in an area called Lasdara.

Fifteen people died on the spot while another victim lost his life after he reached a hospital in Dire Dawa city.

Twelve more people have also sustained various degrees of injuries in the accident, regional police said.

The police said the investigation to determine the cause of the incident, which involved three minibusses and two trucks, is undergoing.

Although Ethiopia has one of the lowest per capita car ownership rates in the world, fatal road accidents are fairly common. At least 13 people die each day due to car accidents, a recent report shows.

Drivers’ and pedestrians’ lack of awareness, poor technical inspections of vehicles and older vehicles are among the reasons often blamed for the high rate of road accidents in the country.

Image: Workers cleaning up the toll road for traffic on Saturday [Photo Dire Dawa Communication Bureau]