At Global Summit, Ethiopia Makes New Pledges to Support Refugees

Authorities called for responsibility sharing as they made new pledges to support refugees in Ethiopia at the Global Refugee Summit

More than 4,000 delegates from 165 countries are attending the Forum that kicked off in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday.

These participants are expected to tackle the urgent challenges and long-term solutions needed for 114 million displaced people including 36 million refugees.

Addressing the summit Wednesday, Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen said the “unprecedented number of displacement is a source of great concern”.

“As most displaced people are hosted by developing countries, we should work to enhance refugees’ self-reliance and host communities’ resilience,” Demeke told the summit.

He further reaffirmed his country’s long standing determination to welcome people seeking refuge and announced six new policy commitments to refugees in Ethiopia and communities hosting them.

These pledges are focused on Climate Action, Urbanization of Refugee Camps, Refugee Inclusion, Access to Irrigation, Private Sector Engagement and Digital Connectivity to the plenary.

While reaffirming Ethiopia’s commitment to translate its policy into action, Demeke stressed on the importance of responsibility sharing and called for support from the global community.

“Providing sufficient financial support that meets the current challenge is imperative,” he said.

“We call on the International community to respond to the needs of refugees with a sense of urgency and partnership.”

Ethiopia hosts more than a million refugees predominantly from its neighboring countries including Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea.

It also has millions of internally displaced persons (IDPs), mainly resulting from the conflicts in various parts of the country.

Global Refugee Summit is the largest international refugee forum in the world, convened every four years, as mandated by the Global Compact for Refugees.

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