Sudanese Army ‘Need to Pull Back Borders before Talks’

ADDIS ABABA – The government of Ethiopia has called on Sudan to pull back its army troops from the borders before any dialogue could begin.

Ethiopia does not wish to enter into a conflict with Sudan, its Ministry of foreign affairs reiterated on Tuesday.

“Our standing has always been consistent, the Sudanese army has to withdraw from our land, then we will start to negotiate and solve the issue through existing mechanisms,” said Dina Mufti, ministry of foreign affairs spokesperson, during a weekly press briefing [Pictured above].

The government has consistently been calling for Sudanese army to return to its former position prior to November 6, 2020 – a couple of days after an armed conflict between TPLF forces and the National Defense Forces erupted in the Tigray region.

He said Sudan “exploited” Ethiopia’s preoccupation with the law enforcement process in Tigray.

The spokesperson restated accusations of “a third party” involvement the crisis.

“We have stated that the Ethiopian government strongly believes that the conflict being trumpeted by the Sudanese government’s military wing could only serve the interests of a third party at the expense of the Sudanese people,” he said.