CBE Opens Three Interest-free Branches

ADDIS ABEBA – The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia has inaugurated three full-fledged interest-free branches in Addis Abeba on Tuesday.

While inaugurating “Teqwa” Branch around Bethel area, CBE’s President and CEO, Bacha Gina said many interest-free branches will be opened this Ethiopian year.

The newly inaugurated branches, apart from Twqwa, are “Fit Awrari Amede Lema” at Mercato Autobus Terra and “Musab” at Alem Bank areas.

Fortnights ago, the President, Bacha Gina, inaugurated another full-fledged interest-free branch named Albereka Branch in Ethiopia’s western city of Jimma.

The state-run bank, established in 1942, has more than 1400 branches across the country.

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