MWU Community bids farwell to the victims of the traffic accident on Sunday Morning.

19 People Dead in Madda Walabu University Bus Crash

ADDIS ABABA – Education Minister Prof Berhanu Nega on Sunday expressed “deep sorrow” after at least 19 people, mostly university lecturers, died in a tragic traffic accident.

The deadly road accident involving Madda Walabu University (MWU) Staff bus happened on Saturday morning.

The MWU staff, mostly lecturers, were on the way to Dodola Campus when the bus they were traveling in veered off the main road and crashed into a gorge, killing at least 19.

Four of them died in a hospital, according to media reports.

Education Minister Berhanu expressed his condolences to the victims’ families, colleagues and MWU staff.

It’s “heartbreaking” to lose educators of such caliber in the tragic accident, Birhanu said.

“The shock and heartbreak of this tragic accident has been felt across the education community,” he said, calling their passing as “a sacrifice paid for a noble profession.”

The Minister also wished a speedy recovery for those who sustained injuries in the accident.

Twenty-eight people have been hospitalized in Adaba, Dolle and Roba after sustaining injuries from the accident, according to the MWU President Office.