Majority of Traffic Accident Victims in Addis Ababa are Pedestrians: Report

ADDIS ABABA – Pedestrians were the main casualties of traffic accidents in Addis Ababa last year, making up 80 percent of the total victims, a new report reveals.

The city’s Traffic management agency has published a road safety report for the 2014 Ethiopian calendar this week.

The report shows a total of 441 people lost their lives due to traffic accidents last year, up by 41 from the preceding year.

Men have made up 78 percent of the victims while over 45% of the deceased are between the age range of 20 and 39. The report also states that 80 percent of the victims were pedestrians.

In terms of time and date, the report says that the highest traffic accident fatalities occurred on Saturday while 44 percent of the fatalities also registered between 07:00 pm and midnight.

The authors of the report have also identified the type of cars that caused fatalities and severe injuries during the year. And Minibusses have been involved in 26% of the deadly road crashes.

Automobiles and trucks ranked second and third after being involved, respectively, in 22 percent and 21 percent of the total deadly traffic accidents.

However, the amount of fatal crashes involving motorcycles has dropped by 50 percent.

The report has also found 59% of drivers driving beyond the speed limit, saying the problem is prevalent among heavy truck drivers.

There are at least 703,000 registered vehicles in the capital with at least four million estimated residents.