Japan Grants over $25.4 mln financial aids to Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – Japan and Ethiopia on Friday signed three grant agreements amounting over 25.4 million US dollars.

The first 19.2 million grant will finance the development of two water supply facilities in various small towns in the Oromia region.

Around 47,000 residents will benefit from enhanced water supply facilities, as per the embassy of Japan.

The second grant worth $1.4 million will fund ongoing efforts to improve water supply for 170,000 residents in Amhara reguon’s capital, Bahir Dar.

The remaining $4.7 million grant money will be used to purchase fertilizer for Ethiopian farmers.

Ambassador Ito said all these grant aid projects will assist socio-economic development in Ethiopia, apart from strengthening ties between the countries.

“The assistance for the provision of fertilizer is also one of Japan’s responses to help the global South in times of global food crisis,” she added.

The signing ceremony was held at the Ministry of Finance by Ambassador Ito and State minister of Finance Semereta Sewasew..

State minister Semerta welcomed ‘crucial Japanese grant aid projects

She said the impact of the pandemic, coupled with internal conflict and global tension and economic turmoil makes the Japanese grants timely, she said.

However, the required support is still high as some areas are highly hit by internal conflict and recurring drought which considerably affected their livelihood, she added.

The latest support to Ethiopia is also part of Japan’s commitment at the 8th Tokyo International Conference on African Development to boost food security in Africa.

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