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Remedial Program: Authorities Reveal University Entrance Points

The Cutoff Points for students entering high education institutions under a remedial program have been announced on Monday.

The one-time-only program was introduced after a majority of grade 12 students performed poorly in the 2022 Ethiopian University Entrance Exam.

The 29,909 students who managed to score 50% and above will directly join public higher education institutions.

Others with relatively better scores are also given a lifeline to enter public universities based on the slots available.

These students will, however, go through a remedial program and will be tested to continue pursuing their education at the university.

The Ministry of Education announced the cut-off points to enter either public or private universities through the Program.

Accordingly, a student has to score a minimum of 30% points in the national exam to follow higher education.

The ministry further announced cut points for regular students from emerging regional states to pastoralist areas as follows: