Education Minister Berhanu Nega (Prof) speaking at a press briefing on on Friday jan 27, 2023

Grade 12 Exam: Only 3.3% of Students Pass the Halfway Mark

ADDIS ABABA – Only 3.3 percent of the total students who sat for the 2021/22 grade 12 national exam managed to score 350 and more, the results report shows.

The National Educational Assessment and Examination Services released the Ethiopian University Entrance Exam results online on Thursday night.

A total of 896, 520 students took the exam in two rounds conducted inside public universities for the first time in a bid to prevent cheating.

Briefing reporters on overall performance and cut points today, Education Minister Birhanu Nega (Prof) disclosed that a total of 29, 909 students managed to score 50% and above.

They make up just 3.3% of the total students who sat for the national exam.

“This shocking result” is a cumulative outcome of the challenges and corrupt practices that the education and assessment systems went through for a long period of time, the minister said.

It also shows the current status of the country’s education system and its problems, the minister added.

The Ministry of Education is resolute to stick with the strict procedures put in place to fight cheating last year.

According to Birhanu, the strict exam administration method, including the relocation of exam centers, is the first step to remedying the problems in the education system.

And it is here to stay, the minister added.

dessie special boarding school
Mikiaya Adane, a student from Dessie Special Boarding School, scored 666 points – the highest in the 2021/22 Grade 12 National Exam. [photo fbc]
Low point for Social Sciences

The poor results are particularly prevalent among close to the 557, 000 Social Sciences students who sat in the exam.

Only 1.9% or 6, 973 students have managed to score 50% and above, the result analysis reveals.

In the natural sciences stream, close to 340, 000 students took the exam in 6 subjects.

A total of 22, 936 students, or 8.6 percent, have managed to get 50% and more points.

Top scorers

This year, only 10 students have managed to get 500 or more points in the natural sciences, whereas 263 social science students got 600 or more.

The highest point this year is recorded by a male natural science student who scored 666 out of 700. And 650 is the highest result among female students.

The top score from the social sciences stream is recorded by a female student who scored 524 out of 600. The stream’s highest point scored by a male student is 516.

Cut Off Points

The ministry has decided on 50 percentile points as cut-off points for higher education institutions, allowing only 29,909 students to enter public universities.

Authorities will prepare another standard to determine students entering higher institutions based on the exam results and the slots available in public universities.

These students will, however, be given a remedial program on subject matters they performed poorly and will be tested to continue their education in the university.

This measure will serve as a one-time solution, the ministry said.