No More: Rallies in Major Global Cities Denounce Foreign Meddling in Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – Tens of thousands gathered in major cities of the world on Sunday protesting against foreign meddling in Ethiopia’s internal affairs carrying signs that said “No More.”

The first rally started in Ottawa, Canada, and continued in dozens of major cities from London to Washington D.C with Ethiopians and Eritreans diaspora communities as well as friends of Ethiopia partaking.

The demonstrators denounced false news and disinformation being orchestrated by some international media against the East African nation, and undue pressures of western countries on the democratically elected government of the nation.

At the rallies, participants were holding placards that read #NoMore meddling, disinformation, sanctions on Ethiopia and Horn of Africa while chanting “Ethiopia prevails” and “hands off Ethiopia.”

They called on Joe Biden administration to rectify its divisive policy approach towards the Horn of Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular.

The organizers say western countries like the U.S. are interfering in the region by siding with the TPLF and causing more issues than they’re solving.

The NoMore hashtag has been trending on social media platforms, primarily on Twitter, to raise awareness about the cause of civil war in northern Ethiopia, and now evolved in to a movement.

On Monday, Ethiopia praised its citizens in Diaspora and friends of their for coming out in droves to condemn the interference of Western powers and undermining of the integrity of the country.

“It is a great public movement which has proved that the pressures and manipulations coming from all directions are unacceptable and cannot dismantle Ethiopia,” said Selamawit Kassa, state minister of Government Communication Service, during press briefing today.

The rallies “sent a clear message to some countries that are plotting to destroy Ethiopia, which is considered the icon of Africa”, she added.

The rallies also received support from the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) – a US-based organisation that seeks to recapture and redevelop the historic anti-war and anti-imperialist positions of the radical black movement.

BAP said it stands “in uncompromising opposition to the U.S.-led imperialist aggression” against Ethiopia and by extension against its neighboring nations.

“We support African-led, localized conflict resolution that is not tied to advancing imperialism, neo-colonialism or any other nefarious Western agendas,” it added.

– Agencies   


Featured Image Caption: People took part in the protest in Canada, Winnipeg, to raise awareness about the civil war in Ethiopia and to call on Canada to provide further support to the government. (Travis Golby/CBC)