Over 1,800 Ethiopians Repatriated from Saudi Arabia

More than 1, 800 Ethiopian migrant workers who were stranded in Saudi Arabia have been repatriated in the past two days.

Ethiopia is bringing back tens of thousands of its citizens detained in the Gulf nation for illegal entry.

Five planes aboard more than 1, 800 people have flown in so far this week.

At least 356 women, as well as 59 children and minors, are among these repatriates, according to the Ministry of Labour. The remaining 1,148 are male migrant workers.

“The returnees have received the necessary support upon arrival at the airport and shelter centers in Addis Ababa,” says the Ministry. “They are now getting help to rejoin their families.”

After a two and half month pause, authorities launched the second round of the repatriation operation on November 21, 2022. To date, 18,280 Ethiopians have arrived home.

The ongoing second-round repatriation push aims to bring 30,000 migrants held in dire situations in Saudi Arabia back to their country.

Featured Image: More than 680 Ethiopian migrants return home from Saudi Arabia today, Dec 27, 2022.