Customs Seizes Contrabands valued at 141mln Birr

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Customs seized contraband items worth 141.9 million Birr in a week-long crackdown, a Commission disclosed on Saturday.

The seizure includes petrol, livestock, electronic devices, coffee, medicine, vehicles, firearms, narcotic substances, edible oil, Khat, and foreign currencies.

The Ethiopian Customs Commission on Saturday said its officers captured the contraband items in collaboration with federal and regional police.

Their joint operations were carried out between Dec 9 and Dec 15, 2022.

The commission said the majority of contraband was seized while they were being smuggled into Ethiopia, estimating their total value at 81.5 million Birr. 

A total of 60.7 million Birr worth of Contraband items were also prevented from leaving the country.

The collaborative efforts led to the arrest of 10 suspected smugglers along with 11 vehicles used for transporting the contraband.

Moyale Customs branch was able to intercept most of the contrabands during the week-long crackdown on illegal cross-border trade.

The branch seized contraband valued at 18.9 million Birr, according to the Commission.

Kombolcha and Addis Ababa Airport Cuatoma Branches also managed to capture contrabands worth 14.5 million Birr and 8.6 million Birr, respectively.

The Ethiopian Customs Commission appreciated both its officers and federal and regional law enforcement agencies involved in the operations.