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INSA Thwarts Over 1,600 Cyber Attack Attempts on Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s Information Network Security agency says more than 1600 cyber attack attempts on the nation were thwarted in the quarter of the current 2022/23 Fiscal Year.

INSA’s top official revealed this on Monday during a discussion held as part of the thirds National Cyber Security month.

Ethiopia has been a subject of a growing cyber attack in recent years, according to the Information Network Security Administration.

Director General of INSA, olomon Kassa said over 1600 attempts were made in the first quarter alone.

Solomon said the cyber-attacks had targeted what he called strategically key institutions.

These include power plants and distribution stations, hospitals, telecom infrastructures, air traffic control systems, financial and academic institutions.

Increasing dependency on technology coupled with the low level of awareness about cyber security contributing to the growing cyberattack, he added.

According to INSA, hackers are increasingly using Deepfake and Social engineering techniques in their attacks in recent years both in Ethiopia and globally.

Hackers often use Social Engineering to exploit human error to gain private information or access, and Deepfake to create new identities and steal the identities of real people.

The intelligence agency said most of the cyber-attacks targeting Ethiopia were thwarted before they could cause any significant harm.

The agency has recently been working to boost its capacity to protect Ethiopian cyber sovereignty attacks along with ensuring the country’s technology ownership.

However, it has to be complemented by increased awareness of the public about cyber security, said Solomon.

The cyber security month, being held under a theme , “Integrated Cyber Security for National Sovereignty’, aims at raising the cyber security consciousness of citizens in a sustainable manner.