EEP: Woldiya-Alamata High Voltage Electric Line Restored

EEP: Woldiya-Alamata High Voltage Electric Line Restored

ADDIS ABABA – The restoration work of the Woldiya-Alamata electric power transmission line has been completed, said Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) on Sunday.

The state-run electric producing and supplying firm has deployed its workers to repair infrastructures damaged in the northern Ethiopia conflict.

In a statement on Sunday, the firm said the Woldiya-Alamata high-voltage electric line is being tested to restart power transmission.

This will enable areas that were previously accessing electricity from the Alamata distribution station, to get power.

These areas include Lalibela, Kobo, Maychew, and Sekota Towns as well as their surrounding, according to the EEP.

CEO of EEP Ashebir Balcha praised the workers for completing the restoration work of the infrastructure damaged for the third time ahead of time.

EEP’s technicians finished the maintenance work within a week, ahead of the initial three-week schedule.

Ashebir also called for similar concerted efforts in the maintenance works of the remaining infrastructures.

The restoration works are part of the federal government’s efforts to resume public services to areas liberated from the rebel group TPLF.

The federal forces have taken control of a string of major towns in the Tigray Region, and they are now reported to be on the outskirts of Mekelle.

Meanwhile, the African Union-led peace talks between the government and the TPLF in South Africa, have entered the second week. It was initially scheduled to conclude on Sunday.