ENDF says it killed Seyoum Mesfin & Abay Tsehaye, Captured 5 Others

ADDIS ABEBA – National Defence force said on Wednesday it had killed four senior members of the Tigray region’s former ruling party, including Seyoum Mesfin and Abay Tsehaye.

“The measure was taken after the national defence force’s call for peaceful surrender and court trial was rejected by members of the clique,” Ethiopian national defence force or endf said in a statement.

Accordingly, former foreign minister of Ethiopia and official of the party, Seyoum, a top political leader of the party, Abay Tsehay, have been killed during fire exchanges with their personal securities.

Along with them, Asmelash Woldesilassie and Col. Kiros Hagos, both senior officials of the party, were also killed in the military operation.

“Security measures were taken on these clique members and their security forces in a shootout on the banks of Tekeze river,” the statement confirmed.

In addition, three military officers who defected from ENDF and a former regional official were arrested. These are Col. Geberemeskel Geberekidan, Col. Fisha Birhane and Col. Zereabiruk Tadesse.

Commander Geberemedhin G/kidan, who was a top official of the special force, and Abrhatom Kinde, the region’s water work bureau’s finance chief, have also been arrested along with the other three.

The latest announcement came days after the military said that it had captured Sebhat Nega, a founding member of the TPLF; Abay Weldu, the region’s former president; and Abraham Tekeste, the region’s former vice president.

The defence force has transported the arrested officials to the capital Addis Ababa.

The army officials have also urged other members “of the clique who are still in hiding are called on to surrender peacefully”.