11 People Killed in two Separate Bus Crashes

ADDIS ABABA – Eleven passengers have died in two separate bus crashes in Ethiopia, according to Police reports.

The two deadly road accidents occurred in the West Arsi zone of Oromia Region and Logia Town of Afar region on Monday.

In west Arsi, Adabba town police department said six passengers were killed after a mid-sized “Kitikit” Isuzu bus heading from Adabba to Lajjo town overturned and crashed into a ditch, as per an FBC report.

Fifteen others are getting treatment for injuries in medical centers in Dabba and Lajjo, as well as Shashemene hospital.

Police said the bus was carrying a dozen people beyond its 28-seat capacity, saying 40 passengers were aboard when the bus crashed.

Similarly, another deadly accident, involving a minibus, also occurred in Logia town of Afar region on Monday morning.

The bus, with 15 passengers on board, was traveling from Logia to Afdera when it overturned in an area called Guyah.

Five people including the driver were pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

The other 10 passengers, who also sustained injuries due to the accident, were taken to Dubti Hospital for treatment, said the Police.

An investigation is currently ongoing to determine the cause of the accident.

Traffic accidents are relatively common in Ethiopia despite having one of the lowest per capita car ownership.

Bad roads, flawed driving license issuance systems and lax enforcement of road safety, and lack of road signs are blamed for most of the accidents.