Aysha Wind Farm II
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Aysha Wind Farm Begins Power Generation, Enters National Grid

ADDIS ABABA – Aysha Wind Farm II has been successfully connected with the national grid after 16 of its windmills begin generating power, said the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP).

The Aysha Wind Farm, located near the Ethio-Djibouti border, will have 48 windmills with a combined 120 megawatt (MW) power generation capacity.

On Monday, the state-owned power producer EEP announced that 16 wind turbines have officially begun generating 40 MW of electric power.

The wind farm has now been connected with the national power Grid following a successful test run, said Muluken Teasema, deputy manager of the project.

This takes the amount of electric power production from wind farms in Ethiopia to over 360MW. The other wind farms, Adama I and II are currently producing 324 MW.

According to the EEP, the focus has now shifted to carrying out a test run and related works of another 16 wind turbines.

They will increase the Aisha wind farm’s contribution to the national power grid to 80 MW, Muluken added.

The wind speed per second at Aysha is very high compared with similar other projects as a result of a design revision to the initial project plan. The revision has reportedly reduced the number of windmills to 48 from 80, though the total generating capacity remains unchanged.

The wind farm, located in the Shenelle district of the Somali region’s Sitti Zone, has 8 energy clusters each having six windmills.

The Aysha Wind Farm II project is currently 80% complete, said the project manager, after concluding the installation works of the 32 wind turbines.

Preparations are underway to install the remaining 16 turbines, said deputy manager Muluken.

Close to 85% of the budget for the $257.3 million project is covered by Exim Bank of China while the remainder is covered by the government.

The project is expected to bolster supply to the nearby communities as well as Ethiopia’s power export to neighboring Djibouti with officials of the two countries agreeing on more power interconnection last year.

Aysha’s connection with the national power grid comes months after the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam’s second turbine with generating capacity of 375 MW started power generation.