GCS: Govt to Take Action in Response to TPLF’s Continuing Attacks

ADDIS ABABA – TPLF, a designated terrorist group, has continued its attacks today, said the Federal Government, vowing to take action if the group fails to respond to negotiations for peace without conditions.

Authorities say the group launched the offensive attacks on Bisober, Zobel, and Tekulesh fronts on Wednesday morning.

In a statement today, the Government Communication Services (GCC) said, “although the Government of Ethiopia has kept the door open for peace until now, the terrorist TPLF clique has continued its attacks.”

“Therefore, while the readiness of the federal government to talk unconditionally is preserved, it will take action targeting the military forces that are the source of the anti-peace sentiment of the TPLF,” the feds warned.

The government has called upon civilians living in the Tigray Region to stay away from the areas where the TPLF military equipment and training facilities are located.

Earlier today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it was “never too late” to make peace, urging the TPLF to abandon their “ingrained belief that guns will solve all problems and stop making excuses to hold peace talks.”

The latest round of conflict in northern Ethiopia ended the five-month-long humanitarian truce on Wednesday.

On the same day, the TPLF looted 12 tankers with 570,000 liters of fuel from the World Food Programme (WFP) warehouse in Mekelle city.

In a tweet, the Executive Director of WFP, David Beasley described the looting as “outrageous and disgraceful”.

“Hours ago, Tigrayan authorities stole 570,000 liters of fuel for WFP operations in Tigray,” the executive director said. “Millions will starve if we do not have fuel to deliver food. This is outrageous and disgraceful. We demand the return of this fuel now.”